Candace Wessinger
Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling


1800s saloon gal
Elizabethan times
wig I styled and applied
using her natural hair to create soft textured rolls
her natural hair to create soft rolls and texture buns
1910 rolls and bun
wigs I styled into rolls and chignons
TV movie "Lady Against the Odds" Actress Chrystal Bernard
From "Lady Against the Odds" background
From "Lady Against the Odds" Anna Beth Gish and Polly Bergen
From "Lady Against the Odds" Heather McAdam
From "Lady Against the Odds" Madam background
Commercial set in 19040s
Commercal set in 1940s
Commercial set in 1940s
1970s newscasters
1970s mans haircut
mans' scissor over comb haircut
TV sreies "The Outsiders"
Commercial set in 1950s
1980s afro for Versace
wig applied incorporating his hair in the front
wig I created style for horror film